Coffee is one of the drinks that gets you up in the morning; it is the one drink that gets you fueled up and ready for the day. The hot steamy goodness and the aroma of the beans invigorate your senses. 85% of adults consume caffeine daily. The fact is we require it for motivation in the morning, but it is also good for your health.

Coffee is rich in potassium, manganese, and magnesium. Coffee beans are rich in B Vitamin nutrients, which impact your energy levels, brain function and cell metabolism. Vitamin B is essential for preventing infections and promoting cell health; it also contains riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and niacin. 

Coffee also contains antioxidants, which aid in the help of protecting your cells against free radicals. Free radicals are evident in your system when your body breaks down food, or you are exposed to radiation or tobacco smoke. 

Gourmet coffee has been around for more than a century. At this point, since gourmet coffee seems to attract more attention, the health benefits of consuming it should be acknowledged. Some of the benefits of gourmet coffee are:

  • Improves cognition
  • Prevents Alzheimer's and Dementia
  • Lowers risk of Parkinson's Disease
  • Weight Loss
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Prevents Diabetes
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Protects the liver
  • Reduces depression
  • The Antioxidant qualities
  • Reduces Mortality

Improves Cognition:

Caffeine is proven to prevent a reduction in cognition. 

Prevents Alzheimer's and Dementia

Coffee has been know to reduce beta amyloid in the brain by as much as 50%, and may prevent the onset of Alzheimer's. By drinking 3-5 cups of coffee in mid life has been proven to prevent a decreased risk of dementia. 

 Lowers Risk of Parkinson's Disease

According to Medical News Today, people who have higher levels of caffeine in the blood are at a lower risk of developing Parkinson's Disease. 

Weight Loss 

 Coffee revives your nervous system and produces small jolts of adrenaline; it also speeds up your metabolism by 11-13%.

 Improves Heart Health

Consumption of at least 6 cups of gourmet coffee can lower risk of heart failure, stroke and coronary heart disease, by 8%,7%, and 5%. 

Prevents Diabetes 

There are 3 compounds in coffee that prevent toxic accumulation of a protein that causes that is associated with a high risk of type 2 diabetes. 

Increases Metabolism 

 Coffee is known to increase adrenaline, which releases the stored fat within the fat tissue. 

Prevents Cancer

 According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), coffee is a preventative in multiple cancers including, skin, mouth, and throat cancer. It is also known to reduce liver and endometrial cancer.

Protects The Liver 

When the body digests coffee it produces a chemical called paraxanthine that slows scar tissue in people with fibrosis. It may help to combat cancer, alcohol-related cirrhosis, non-alcohol-related fatty liver disease, and hepatitis C.

Reduces Depression

Coffee has anti-inflammatory properties that are proven to decrease depression. Caffeine is proven to block mood depression chemicals within the brain. 

Antioxidant Properties 

 The antioxidant properties in coffee helps fight cell damage and reduces risk of heart disease and certain cancers. 

Reduces Mortality

 Several studies have shown that coffee drinkers have a 20% reduced risk of mortality in men and a 26% decreased risk of mortality in women, over 18–24 years.

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