About Us

Gourmet Cafe Coffee is proud to say that we are a company that is family owned and operated. Our manufacturer's have been in business for 30 years and we hand roast our coffees. 

For every two ounces of your coffee you get 8-10 cups out of a bag. Your 16 oz bags are a great value size making 64-80 cups per bag. 

We recommend upon receiving your coffee that you immediately transfer it to an airtight sealed container. 

Your coffee made fresh daily. We are one of the few coffee companies that ROAST TO ORDER. That means that you don't get your coffee from a prepackaged warehouse. Your coffee is roasted the day we receive your order. Your order takes 2 days of processing so we can roast it, air tight package it, and send it off to you as freshly as if we just made it.

Your bag has special one way valve that doesn't allow for any air. Once your coffee is roasted you get it sealed airtight for the freshest coffee. Your coffee your way that is the Gourmet Cafe Coffee GUARANTEED!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us.